Download KMSpico Official Activator For Windows And Office

KMSpico official activator download for windows and Microsoft office. It is a powerful windows 10 activator by which you can also activate the windows 8 and windows 7. In short this activator tool is for all types of Microsoft products including office 2013 and office 2016. If you have downloaded the fresh copy of windows 10 or office 2016, and wanted to activate it then download kmspico for windows or office 2016 activator. It will add genuine license to your installed product and provides the best features. You can enjoy all the features of windows 10/8/7 once you have activated with the genuine license. On the kmspico official website, we are sharing the genuine windows 7 activator and other latest windows activators. You will only get the official version of kmspico on this site. No hidden adware or malware is included in file. You have noticed that when you download kmspico from other non official sites, it includes adware or malware which is harmful for your computer.


Download secure and safe version of kmspico to activate your windows or office. The main feature of official version is that, we have share both version, portable and install able. You can use kmspico portable version to activate windows or office quickly. Now a day, windows 10 is most trending and popular operating system. But not all can buy a license copy of it. Therefore to overcome this issue, we are sharing windows 10 genuine activator for free. KMSpico will help you to insert the genuine license in your windows 10. You can also update your windows and again activate it with activator to avoid license error. There is no limit to use the tool, You can activate as much as copy you want. Same activator is available for office. You can download office 2013 activator to get genuine license of it. Use portable version to activate your product with one click.

File Name : KMSpico_10.2.0(Official Installer-portable).zip
Version : 10.2.0
File Size : 7.44 MB
Compatible for : Windows & MS Office

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KMSpico Windows 10 activator download for genuine license

Want to install genuine license of windows 10 on your computer. The download fresh copy of windows 10 and use kmspico for windows 10 to activate your copy with genuine license. Enjoy all the features and tools available in O.S for free. Get original license of windows 10 using kmspico official version. One click is required to activate your copy. No additional hardware of software requirements are there to use kmspico. As you know windows release its update quickly, Many users have problem that their license key expires when they update the windows. To overcome this problem we are sharing kmspico for windows 10, by which you can activate it again an again. Update your windows without worry and use activator tool to get license again. It is a secure activator for windows 10 and other versions of it. Don’t worry about the malware, it is fully secure.

The tool includes many features such as, the genuine license activation and any windows versions are supported. One every update of windows 10, you can apply activator to get your copy licensed. It will apply the real patch and activate your copy. So enjoy any version of windows 10 for free. Easily activate windows 10 pro using KMSpico activator and get your genuine copy. No internet is required to use this tool, it will automatically create an environment for activate and install genuine serial key. All method will be automatic, hence you do not need to configure this tool. Just click on activate and your windows 10 will be genuine. Use license for unlimited times, there is no validity or expiry date of your product. If due to some reason your copy will block the license, then again use the windows 10 activator to make it genuine. There are many features of this activator which we will discuss later.

KMSpico download for windows 8 pro and windows 8.1 pro

In this web page, you can download kmspico for windows 8 pro or windows 8.1 pro. There is no limitation, you can also activate other versions of windows 8 than professional. So no matter which version of windows you are using, use this activator and activate your operating system. Windows 8 or 8.1 requires old version kmspico, so we are also sharing it. Although latest version also includes these O.S activation. Either download latest version kmspico or download old version, you can activate your copy of windows for free. There are many other tools by which you can make your copy genuine but kmspico activator is best. Because it works offline, hence its a secure and will not harm your computer. Other tools also requires some hard configuration to activate windows, but kmspico does not requires any type of setting or configuration.

Simply download it from direct link and see the tutorial to activate your windows 8 or 8.1. Professional version can be also activated using this tool. Either install the kmspico or use portable version to activate your windows. It will fully install the genuine key in your copy. The best method to use windows with kmspico activator is that, download the fresh copy of windows operating system. Then use activator to activate your fresh copy of windows. To avoid error “Your copy of windows is not genuine”, Turn off the automatic updates. It will help you to use your O.S without activation error. If you want to update windows 8 without activation error, then use windows updater and after update use kmspico again to install new license. It will work for long time without any error. Download now the latest version of kmspico for free and activate windows 8 or 8.1 without any error.

Download KMSpico windows 7 activator for free

Activate windows 7 using kmspico or windows 7 loader by Daz. You have already tried the DAZ loader for windows 7, now try the kmspico and get the genuine license of windows 7 for free. You can easily update it to windows 7 service pack 1 and activate it for free. This activator supports all version of windows 7 including, professional, ultimate, home premium etc.